Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Santa Me Up! Scotty

If you can't tell by his name already "Santa Me Up, Scotty" is a Star Trek fan. He just loves the TV series and movies. While "Santa Me Up, Scotty" flies around the earth in his sleigh he dreams of visiting Mars one day. Perhaps on a spaceship like the ones in Star Trek.

"Santa Me Up. Scotty" is a self-sitting Santa ornament with a roly-poly body, chubby head that's bald on the top, and partially drawn face with black bead eyes and a little pompom nose. His thick wire rim glasses cover his face. He has rag doll hair, a rag doll beard and roving mustache. He's wearing black boots, his favorite striped Christmas fabric shirt and favorite Christmas fabric pants. He's seated in a sitting position and holding a red present. His body is covered with snow accents.

Santa me up, Scotty. Make that "Beam me Up, Scotty." Santa can dream - can''t he?

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