Monday, November 07, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Can't I Sit Santa

"Can't I Sit Santa" is exhausted. Mrs. Claus has him so busy he doesn't even have a chance to catch his breath - let alone take a nap. And, he needs his naps.

"Can't I Sit Santa" is a 8" self-sitting country Santa. He has a cloth body, arms, and legs that sewn in a sitting position. He has a drawn face, cloth body, little pink pompom nose, roving eyebrows, roving moustache, and bushy roving beard.  His white roving hair is barely controlled under his Santa cap with pompom. He is holding a bag of presents in his lap that is tied with jute.

It doesn't look like "Can't I sit Santa" is going to get a nap today.  If he could just sit down........

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