Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Bowling For Xmas, Santa

"Bowling For Xmas, Santa" just loves to spend his leisure time bowling.  The problem is that during the holiday season he has no time for anything but getting the toys ready for the good girls and boys. He's just too busy to even think of taking time off for his favorite sport. Mrs. Claus has him going from sunrise to sunset. By the time the day is over he's just too exhausted to even think of bowling.

"Bowling For Xmas, Santa" is an 8" bendable Santa whose body is made from a wood bowling pin. He has a painted face, white roving beard and moustache and his arms and legs are bendable with black wood beads for shoes. His shirt is gathered at the neck and tucked into his red felt pants with Christmas fabric patches on the knees.  His pants are embroidered and gathered at the waist. His matching red felt jacket is embroidered along all the edges and has Christmas fabric patches on the sleeves. His pants are tucked into his white felt socks which are criss-cross tied with rope over his black bead shoes. His white roving hair is barely controlled under his green felt hat with white felt band, Christmas fabric patches, and white pompom.

A fringed Christmas fabric scarf is wrapped around his neck and he is holding a miniature wood pony and small present.

"Bowling For Xmas, Santa" is hoping to have some time for his favorite past time after the holidays. That is, if Mrs. Claus gives him some time to bowl. We'll see.

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