Monday, September 26, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Adorable Clothespin Pilgrim Dolls

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks for all we have - especially if we have good health.

Thanksgiving is also a time of the year when families gather, there are huge feasts to be eaten, football games to watch, and shopping to be done. It's basically, a time of enjoyment. And, the "dollies" just love having fun, eating a good meal, watching a great football game, and of course - going shopping on Black Friday!

However, we should never loose sight of what Thanksgiving started out as - which is a time to "Give Thanks" for one's blessings. Enough said - "Let's eat!"

I know that I've told you a zillion times how much I love the Fall season and love decorating for the Fall. Well, the "dollies" love it, too!  I just love Pilgrims and turkeys and don't think you can ever have enough of them for a wonderful Fall and Thanksgiving scene. Add a few pumpkins to your scene and you're all set.

Over the years I've seen various types of Pilgrim woodcrafts and dolls.  I always have some on my to do list for the Fall and Thanksgiving season and thought clothespin pilgrim dolls would be a cute decoration for the holiday season so I made some.

They really are quite adorable and make a cute decoration for the Thanksgiving table.  So, I thought I'd create a free e-book showing you how I made mine so you could make some of your own.

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