Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Grays Have Been Busy Again - Beautiful Custom Fabric Designs For The Gray Is Beautiful Dolls Group

New Gray Is Beautiful Cut and Sew Doll Ornaments Fabrics

New Gray Is Beautiful Custom Fabric Designs

The "Grays" have been extremely busy these days.  Between creating new graphics for their existing Gray Is Beautiful Doll line they've created cut and sew doll ornament fabrics for everyone.  Plus, they decided they needed to add more new designs for the "Gray Is Beautiful" custom fabric lines.  They're like energizer bunnies right now.

There are three collections in their Gray Is Beautiful custom fabric line now. They have three collections of custom fabric designs now: Gray Is Beautiful 1 Fabric Designs CollectionGray Is Beautiful 2 Fabric Designs Collection 2and Gray Is Beautiful 3 Fabric Designs Collection 

A lot of their new designs have already been added to their Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery. They're hoping to add more for their latest designs.  The Grays are working on that now so stay tuned.

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