Sunday, March 13, 2016

HERE'S AN IDEA - Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids Bedroom Decors - How-To

I have been in love with  jigsaw puzzles since I was a small child.  From time to time over the years I've solved jigsaw puzzles and then glued them to a piece of cardboard so I could mount them on my bedroom wall for decorations.  Choose a really colorful puzzle and you have a fabulous decoration.

So, when I was creating my Alpacas Rock party  products I decided to create some adorable and colorful It's Raining Doll Parties jigsaw puzzles.  You could give them as party gifts for the guests to take home and enjoy or you could use them as kids bedroom decorations.

Here's how you would create a jigsaw puzzle picture decoration:

How To Create A Jigsaw Puzzle Kids Bedroom Wall Decoration

Supplies Needed:

Jigsaw puzzle, 2 large pieces of cardboard for turning the puzzle, 1 piece of cardboard chipboard or 1/8"-1/4" wood for the backing, wood glue, paint, mod podge, brushes, picture hanger.


1)  Measure and cut a piece of cardboard, chipboard, or 1/8"-1/4" wood to be the same size as the puzzle.

2)  If you are using 1/8"-1/4" pine board you would want to paint it a complementary color to match your wall colors.  Let the paint dry thoroughly.

3)  Put the jigsaw puzzle together.

4)  Carefully slide the finished puzzle piece onto a piece of cardboard that is larger than your puzzle.

5)  Cover the front of your puzzle with another piece of cardboard that is larger than your puzzle piece to create a sandwich of cardboard and puzzle pieces with the puzzle piece in between.

6)  Turn your puzzle sandwich upside down and then place it on a table.

7)  Remove the larger piece of cardboard that was covering the back of your puzzle so the jigsaw puzzle is turned over with the back showing.

8)  Add wood glue to the top of the cardboard, chipboard, or 1/8"-1/4" wood piece until it is fully covered.

9)  Turn the cardboard, chipboard, or 1/8"-1/4" wood piece over and glue it to the back of your turned over jigsaw puzzle on the table.

10)  Let the wood glue dry thoroughly.

11)  Apply one to two coats of mod podge to the front and sides of the puzzle to seal the picture.

12)  Add a picture hanger to the back of your puzzle picture and hang it on the wall.

We have a lot of different party themed jigsaw puzzle designs, any of which would look adorable on a kids bedroom wall.

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