Sunday, February 14, 2016

We're Just Two Old Bunnies In Love! New Wedding & Wedding Anniversary Designs and Products

Laura, The Quintessential Bunny and Devin, A Bunny Gentleman are two senior citizen bunnies who have been in love for close to 50 years. Time doesn't seem to matter to them. Their love just keeps getting stronger and stronger every day.

They will be celebrating they're 50th wedding anniversary soon so the "Grays" felt that their love was so special that it should be shared and cherished so they designed new graphics for Laura and Devin.

Their adorable new "We're Just two Old Bunnies In Love" design and new products are for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's and are intended for use as gifts, decorations and party accessories for seniors wedding anniversaries and wedding celebrations.  They have products for home decor, special occasions, clothing, accessories, fun and entertainment, and so much more.

If you're planning a casual or formal wedding or 50th wedding anniversary celebration they have many, many party products to make your celebration a very special event.  From party favors to decorations, paper products, linens, serving dishes, gifts & gift accessories, party invitations, games, and so much more - they have everything you need.

They hope you like their new "We're Just two Old Bunnies In Love" design and products.

"We're Just two Old Bunnies In Love" 

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