Friday, February 19, 2016

The Gray's Charming Christmas Gallery Home Decor Products - Winter Collection - The Seniors Should Be Cherished Collection

Doug The Handy Dandy Gentleman, Sweetheart Faith, and Petronella The Birdhouse Lady had so much fun designing their "Grays Have More Fun" graphic product line that they decided to update their "Seniors Should Be Cherished" design and product line.

So, what could be more festive for the holidays than two adorable Christmas and winter themed designs featuring a senior citizen snowman and two Victorian snow-lady's?

The "Winter Collection - Seniors Should Be Cherished" line includes party supplies, kitchen accessories and gadgets, holiday decorations, toys and entertainment, clothing, accessories, and so much more.

The "Winter Collection - Seniors Should Be Cherished" new products make wonderful gifts for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's. Happy Holidays.

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