Monday, October 26, 2015

Annie-Be and Andy-Be Are Anxious To Get To The Colonies

"Annie - Be" and "Andy - Be" are brother and sister and are traveling to America with their Mother, Father, and baby brother. The trip over on the boat was a long voyage and they are all anxious to get to the Colonies.

Both "Annie - Be" and "Andy - Be" are hoping to make friends quickly. At least "Annie - Be" is. She is just learning the ropes and wants to fit it. She is anxious to meet new friends as she desperately misses her old friends from England.

"Andy - Be" loves an adventure and loves meeting new people. He was raring to go and practically off the ship before it docked in New England. His Father has had a hard time controlling him.

So, when the day finally arrived when they would be docking in Plymouth, Massachusetts "Annie - Be" and "Andy - Be" dressed in their finest attire. They thought by doing so that they surely would make a good impression and would make lots, and lots of friends.

They didn't realize that there wouldn't be anyone standing at the dock when they arrived and were in for a disappointment. But, they're young. They will survive. At least, that's what their parents keep telling themselves.

"Annie - Be" is a 16" Colonial girl cloth doll pattern. She is wearing lace trimmed bloomers, a fancy lace trimmed dress and her favorite blue colored vest. She has a wild mass of Dark Raggedy Red curly hair, red and white stripe legs, and black boots. She put two bows in her hair hoping to impress all her new friends. What new friends? There's no one here?

Poor, Annie-Be and Andy- Be. No one here to greet them. Will you come be their friends?

“Annie - Be”, 16” Colonial Raggedy Ann Girl Doll Decoration Pattern - Raggedy Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate

"Andy - Be" is a 16" Colonial boy cloth doll pattern. He is wearing a brown striped suit with lined jacket with tie belt, bowtie, and cuffed pantaloons. He, too, has a wild mass of, Dark Raggedy Red hair except his hair is straight. It is totally uncontrollable and sticks straight out of his head. He also has red and white strip legs and black boots.

"Andy - Be" knows the affect he has on girls and is not in any doubt that he will make a wonderful first impression. If he could just find all the kids he'd be fine. Where are they?

“Andy - Be”, 16” Colonial Raggedy Andy Boy Doll Pattern - Raggedy Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

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