Thursday, July 23, 2015

An Obsession With Brothers and Sisters! No Way!

My husband thinks I have an obsession. Then again, he thinks I have many obsessions. My primary being dolls and doll making. My secondary begin genealogy, my third being books, and my fourth being floral design. He wishes I had an obsession with housecleaning.

He told me this while moving my books, yet again, from one bookcase to another the other day. You see, my brother had made me some more bookcases for my doll and craft books and I wanted to get them all sorted and organized by category. I know that does sound obsessive.

In any event along with my obsession with books he told me he thinks I have an obsession with "brothers & sisters!" I asked them why he thought that and he said, "Just look at ALL of the dolls you've made and tell me how many of your dolls and doll e-patterns are "brothers & sisters." So, I of course, went to count and prove him wrong. I hadn't made that many "brothers & sisters" - or had I?

Well, I started to count. YIKES! The number was getting up there. I started to move backwards and, of course, backed right into hubby.

He stood there with a look I know you all are familiar with. It says "told you so!" without even saying so. My response, which I sure is your response too, was a look that said "SO! So what!"

He just smiled and left the room. He was satisfied he was right - once again.

To my obsession I say, "So what! I come from a big family. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, 3 sisters-in-law, and 1 brother-in-law. That's a LOT of brothers and sisters don't you think? Just one BIG happy family. Maybe that's why my doll creations reflect so many brothers and sisters.

In any event I figure my obsession isn't necessarily about "brothers & sisters" as it is about "pairs." For every "ying" there's a "yang." After all I do have quite a few "Grandma's & Grandpa's," too. And, don't forget the "Husbands & Wives." PAIRS! I'm obsessed with pairs.

An obsession with brothers & sisters! No Way!

An obsession with PAIRS! Guilty as charged.

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