Saturday, June 20, 2015

Victorian Dress Custom Fabrics Collection

My love of everything and anything Victorian has taken me in so many craft directions.  I've designed and created many, many handmade Victorian dolls - some "faceless", some with embroidered faces and some with porcelain faces.  For most of these designs I've created Victorian patterns so you can create Victorian dolls of your own.

I've created handmade Victorian wool felt dress ornaments with embroidery and embellishments, like those shown in the collage above.

I've also designed 9 different Victorian wool felt dress patterns that can be embroidered and embellished with beads, ribbons, and lace trim decorations so you can create your own ornaments.

My hand embroidered and embellished Victorian wool felt dress ornaments, e-patterns and print patterns are available in my Linda Walsh Originals Shop.

If you would like to see my My Victorian Hand Embroidered and Embellished Dress Ornaments and New E-Patterns please CLICK HERE.

I also love designing fabrics.  So, I thought why not create some Victorian dress fabrics that could be used for Victorian, shabby chic and cottage home decor as well as fabric for Victorian doll dresses, doll quilts, etc.

There are twenty seven designs in my new Victorian Dress Fabrics Collection.  Five of those designs are based on my cut and sew decorated dresses graphics.  Twenty two of those were designed to coordinate with the dress designs from my penny rug Victorian dress ornaments collection, which are shown in the collage above.

If you'd like to see all the fabrics I have designed please CLICK HERE to visit my Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs website or CLICK HERE for my Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs shop on

I'm working on all sorts of ways for you to create with my Victorian dress custom fabric designs so stay tuned.  Who knows what direction this phase will take me in.

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