Thursday, October 09, 2014

You're All Invited To The Dollie's Spooky Halloween Party

There's been a lot of chatter coming from The Dollie Storage Room lately. Dolls have been coming and going at all times of the day and night. There's been a lot of banging and moving of furniture. And, of course there's been a lot of laughter and gaiety for days on end now.

We weren't concerned until we heard the screaming. That we weren't too sure of, but the dollies assured us that everything was fine. We're pretty sure what's going on. It's October and that means the "dollies" favorite holiday will be here soon - HALLOWEEN.

And, for the dollies that means "PARTY TIME!"

They do love to party. And, at Halloween party they do. That is - until the house starts shaking.

Then, hubby, puts his foot down. Or lets say he tries to put his foot down. When the "dollies" get going they don't listen to anyone. Well, maybe someone - ME!!!!

When they get out of hand and get a little too exuberant I have to gently remind them that I may be old, but since I put them together I can still take them apart. For them that's tantamount to a death sentence. So, they pay attention and calm down just a bit. At least the house stops shaking.

So, get ready.  It's IT'S SPOOKY TIME

You're All invited! So, come on - let's party!

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