Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Clown Around Sunshine Clarence - New Country Clown Doll E-Pattern and Print Pattern

"Clown Around Sunshine Clarence" is one of the members of our "Clown Series" of cloth dolls. They are a fun loving group of various kinds of clown dolls that love to have fun. Love to laugh. And, most of all love to make you laugh.  In fact, they're willing to try anything to bring a smile to your face.

They'll make fun of themselves. Fall down. Run around. Bump into each other. Even pretend to slap each other - all in the name of "good" fun.  They love to laugh. They love to have fun. But, most of all they love making you laugh.  They are all so confident that they can make you laugh that they even have a contest going - to see which clown can make you laugh the most. The winner gets a FREE trip to Clown College.

"Clown Around Sunshine Clarence" is a 16" country clown cloth doll. His body is made of muslin and his face is embroidered with black satin stitched eyes, red zig-zag embroidered nose, red satin stitched lips, and embroidered mouth outline. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes. And, he has loads of freckles.  Clarence has a mass of thick, bright orange yarn hair on the sides of his head with the back left bald.

He is wearing his favorite yellow shirt which is gathered at the neck and tied around his wrists with fringed straps. His favorite fringed bandanna is wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot in the front. He is also wearing his favorite bright blue with yellow stars print pants with fringed suspenders. His pants are cuffed on the bottom and gathered at the waist. He has a series of yellow straps along his legs and feet to add to his colorful decorations.

"Clown Around Sunshine Clarence" is hoping to win. He knows he's funny and is really good at making children laugh. He just wants to be even better and to get "babies" to laugh. That's why his face isn't too clownish. He doesn't want to scare the "babies."  Laugh - yes! Scare - no! That's why he's all sunshine.

Clown Around Sunshine Clarence” -16” Country Clown Doll Pattern from our Clown Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level is Beginner

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