Wednesday, July 16, 2014

She's The Sweetest Witch Of All! Primitive Annie

Watch out for her.

She can be quite frightening when she wants to be.

Sometimes she gets lonely and tries to be nice.

Everyone needs a little company from time to time. Even Primitive Witchy Annie.

Don't you feel bad for her?

In fact, she'd actually like to have some real friends. That way she could always call them when she's lonely and when she can feel a real "Watch Out My Pretty I'm Going To Get You!" mood coming on.

Primitive Witchy Annie has a coffee stained cloth body and embroidered face with black bead eyes.  She's wearing a coffee stained, tattered, and fringed dress, a tattered apron with bow, and gathered bloomers.

She has lace-tied boots, patches on her clothes and wild black hair along the sides and top of her head. Her raggedy leg stripes are sewn on with black floss.

She has a lined cape with patches and wired witches hat. Because she has a lined cape she feels she is a little above the rest of the witches. They only have wool or black felt capes. Nothing as nice as Primitive Annie Witch has.

Wouldn't you agree?

So, do you want to be her friend? She promises she'll try to prevent her ""Watch Out My Pretty I'm Going To Get You!" mood from coming on.

If you want to be her friend just don't wear any "ruby red slippers" when you come to visit. They bring back too many bad memories for her and might just trigger that "Watch Out My Pretty I'm Going To Get You!" mood coming on.

“Primitive Witchy Annie” - 15” Witch Doll E-Pattern -   Primitive Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level is Beginner

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