Friday, June 20, 2014

Primitive Andy Scarecrow - Just Call Him Casanova

Primitive Andy Scarecrow considers himself to be the "Casanova" of the scarecrow set. Certainly the most desirable model of the "dollie" fashion shows.

Why, all the girls just love him. They adore him. They want him.

Just ask them. They'll tell you.

They just love his button eyes and raffia strips. They love his floppy hat and all his clothes. They love his smile and his "primitiveness."

Why, they just love everything about him. He's just so little and so cute!

Primitive Andy Scarecrow has a coffee stained cloth body and embroidered face with black bead eyes.  He is wearing a coffee stained fringed shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, and large gathered, tattered, and fringed pants. The perfect outfit for a "little guy."

He has a small tattered ribbon tied around his neck and waistline.  His wild raffia hair is barely controlled underneath his coffee stained hat.  Raffia is stuck in his waistline and floss is sewn to his legs and feet for his raggedy red stripes.

Watch out now, girls, Andy needs to do his modeling job.

Let him walk down the runway, PLEASE!

Girls! Girls! Stay away from the edge of the catwalk, girls!

Primitive Scarecrow Andy is walking down the runway.

"Girls", I said to stay back. "Girls!" "Girls!"

"I can't see "Primitive Andy Scarecrow.

"Can anyone see him?"

"He's being mobbed by his loving fans."


“Primitive Andy Scarecrow” -15” Scarecrow Doll E-Pattern from our Primitive Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level is Beginner

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