Thursday, April 03, 2014

Colonial Madis Just Loves New England

Colonial Prudence and her brother, Colonial Madis, just love living in New England during the colonial times and love telling everyone they are from Plymouth, Massachusetts.

They are right proud to tell everyone that their grandmother and grandfather came over on the "Mayflower" and that all the members of their family belong to the "Mayflower Society" which is an exclusive club of colonists.

Life during the 1st year their grandparents arrived was difficult at best and many, many of their grandparents friends did not survive. They were lucky, and their grandparents did. For that "Colonial Prudence" and her brother, "Colonial Madis" are forever grateful.

The Fall is their favorite time of the year and during this season in New England their thoughts turn towards their grandparents, the 1st Thanksgiving in Plymouth, and what life must have been life for the first colonists.

Neither "Colonial Prudence" or "Colonial Madis" have any delusions as to how difficult it was. They have been hearing about it their whole life from their parents. They can probably recite the story line by line. In fact, Colonial Madis does from time to time when he and Colonial Prudence are alone.

Colonial Prudence is too well mannered and well behaved to ever push that envelope too far with her parents. She is every bit the respectful daughter.

Colonial Madis, on the other hand, does test them and sometimes their parents get a wee bit annoyed. Then Colonial Madis flashes his folks that charming smile of his and, well, all is usually forgotten. He can charm the pants off his mother and father.

"Colonial Madis" is a 15" Colonial cloth doll with an embroidered face. He has button eyes, a raised nose, and blushed cheeks. The inside of his mouth is colored rose. His boots are cross-tied and painted black and he's sporting white knee socks.

Colonial Madis is wearing a linen shirt with a matching linen and lace trimmed ascot. He has a flannel vest tied in 3 places with DMC Embroidery floss. His pantaloons are gathered and cuffed and match his lined jacket. His lined jacket has front inserts, front and back tails, and is top stitched along the edges. Three buttons are sewn to the front inserts of his lined jacket.

Colonial Madis has straight brown hair along the side seams of his head with the back of his head left bald.

Colonial Madis really is mindful of his family's reputation despite what his sister, Colonial Prudence says. After all, one day he will be the head of the family and will need to carry on the family name with pride. His grandparents worked too hard and sacrificed too much for him not to be mindful of that.

“Colonial Madis”, 15” Colonial Boy Art Doll Pattern - Colonial Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

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