Friday, August 30, 2013

My New Needle Felted OOAK Handmade Snowman Art Doll Group

My new group of handmade needle felted OOAK snowmen art dolls are as different as they are alike.  For sure they are all snowmen (actually 4 snowmen and one snow-lady) and for sure they all have their opinions on the Winter.  The latter is where they definitely differ.

Bubbles knows that winter can be a harsh time especially for her beloved red cardinals so she does everything she can to make sure they survive the winter. She loves being outdoors with her "birdie" friends. This year she built them a new birdhouse and hopes they like it.

Bubbles is sitting behind and holding her new wooden birdhouse. Two of her favorite red cardinals are out and about the birdhouse.

From the response she's gotten from her "birdie" friends it seems they like their new birdhouse. In fact, they want to decorate the inside and have asked Bubbles what she thinks about the decor they have suggested. What do you think she'll say?

Icicle is a very artistic snowman and loves sculpting snowflakes and ice sculptures. Whether it's a snowflake or ice sculpture - the more complex and complicated the better. He just loves the challenge and loves being as creative and unique as possible. After all no two snowflakes are alike and neither are his creations.

Icicle is holding his latest snowflake creation and he's sitting atop a wooden covered box.

Icicle loves being creative and hopes you like his new snowflake. Next he's starting on his new ice sculpture. Wonder what it will be?

BoBo just loves to ski and is so excited because the forecast this weekend is for a Nor'easter. That means tons and tons of snow. And, that means unlimited skiing opportunities. For him winter means skiing and ski all winter long he does.

BoBo is holding his favorite pair of wooden ski's and ski poles. He's sitting atop an upside down wooden bucket.

BoBo is eager to get skiing this weekend and hopes the weathermen are tight in their predictions. If there's a blizzard you'll find BoBo out skiing in it.

Sparkles just loves the winter season and everything that entails - including snowstorms,blizzards, sleet, icicles, cold weather, and the cold. In fact, there's nothing about winter that she doesn't like.

Nippy, on the other hand, thinks the winters are getting to be a little too cold for him. He'd prefer a little warmer weather. Certainly not to the point where he would melt, but not sub-zero temperatures.

Sparkles wishes that Nippy would love the winter like she does but just can't convince him. Perhaps it's just too "nippy" for him? What do you think?

My group of handmade needle felted OOAK snowmen and snow-lady art dolls are as different as they are alike.

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