Monday, May 06, 2013

My New Alpacas Rock Fabric Collection

I just LOVE designing fabrics and love it when some of the graphics I create for other purposes end up creating wonderful fabric designs.  Such was the case with some of the alpaca  graphics I created for the Alpacas Rock line of e-printables. The graphics were also a perfect fit for a custom fabric line so I created one called Alpacas Rock Fabric Collection.

has 29 different fabrics includes 9 Cut and Sew Ornaments fabrics.   Our Alpacas Rock fabric designs contain many of the graphic images from my sister's alpacas including Cosmo, Masquerade, Zinnia, Sunflower and Ivy. There are 27 fabrics in total in my Alpacas Rock Fabric Collection based on the following graphic designs:











I just LOVE the alpacas and can hardly wait to start creating. I'm not going to tell you what I'm making with my new alpaca fabrics. That will be a surprise. Stay tuned.

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