Monday, February 04, 2013

Inspired Creations By D - Quilted 4 In 1 Mug Rugs NEW E-Pattern

It's really amazing to me how many e-patterns my sister has created in the last year.  To say her mojo is on overdrive is an understatement.  Here's one of her newest e-patterns and what she had to say about her Quilted 4 in 1 Mug Rugs e-pattern:

I have been noticing lots of mug rug patterns out on the Craftsy and Etsy sites so I thought I might create some myself utilizing my flowers from my Frame or Quilt Fabric Wall Art Patterns.

I have created five patterns in all.  Individual patterns for each of the above pictured mug rugs and then a combination 4 in 1 pattern which includes all four of the flowers in one pattern.

The patterns contain detailed instructions for creating the quilted Mug Rug with illustrations to guide you along the way, and full size pattern pieces. Patterns also includes both the forward and reverse page for easy tracing onto the sew able adhesive for the applique portion.

The 4 in 1 pattern which includes all four flower designs.

ICBDGMR005EPattern - 12" by 6 1/4" Mug Rugs - 4 In 1 Quilted Mug Rug EPattern - Skill Level - Beginner  

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