Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas Gifts From My Sister

My Linda's Blog post about the front hall Christmas decorations reminded me of the two posts I had written concerning the Victorian dolls that usually sit atop the cabinet that my brother made and that decorate the front hall for the remainder of the year. That is, until we get to the Fall season and witches take over.

The two posts were about the two Victorian dolls I made and my baby sister. The first post was entitled "My Favorite Victorian Doll Design Needs A Name!" and was about the Victorian doll in the picture to the left.

It seems that while I was taking pictures for all 1,796 of the dolls and crafts that I have made I decided to take pictures of my favorite Victorian doll design who was made for me to use as the Spring and Summer display that I have on the cabinet in my front hall and is not for sale. Every season I change the front hall display and she stays there for the two seasons which suits her just fine.

Of course, my sister also loves her and wants her so I have to be careful that when she comes to visit during the Spring or Summer that she doesn't steal her. She keeps threatening too. I told her that she can't have her. But, I half expect to see her hanging out of one of her suitcases.

So, she says, "Fine, then I'll take my namesake." Her namesake is similar to this doll and is the doll I used for my Debra  e-pattern. She, however, is in a very fancy faux blue suede and white lace outfit. She's beautiful, too, just not as much of my favorite as this one is.

I keep telling my sister that she can't have her either as she was the doll I used for my Linda Walsh Originals pattern so I have to keep her to support the pattern.

The last time I told my sister "no" to both of these dolls she presented me with a list of 54 of my handmade dolls and crafts that she would take instead. All FREE, of course. Isn't family wonderful! I keep telling her that I'm still reviewing her list. I didn't tell her that I tried to burn it! LOL LOL

I told my sister after I made her namesake that she was the largest Victorian I had made and was a pain in the.....! So, I named her after my younger sister, Debra. Ha! Ha!

However, I did clarify that the pattern was a pain (wink! wink!) and not you, my wonderful sister.

Well, let me clarify that - you no longer are. When you wanted to play "Barbie" with my best friend and I you were. Of course, you were only about 4 or 5 then.

The 2nd post I wrote was entitled "What's Fair Is Fair! What About Me! It's All About "Debra!" and was about my "baby" sister's namesake, my "Debra" doll which is shown in the picture to the right.

This post was about "Debra's" - the doll, not my baby sister's, annoyance with the story about the other Victorian doll. These dolls are just so......... jealous. She felt that if I was going to mention her that I should at least show some pictures of her, too.

Since, I couldn't come up with a rationale for not doing so  I wrote about her, too. Kind of reminds me about times with my real "baby" sister. I used to have to appease her a lot, too. Boy, Debra really is like her namesake.

In any event, back to the front hall Christmas decorations story, after being reminded about these two dolls a thought went through my head that I should write about some of the wonderful Christmas presents and Christmas decorations that I'd been given over the years from my "baby" sister.  The problem is there are a lot of them.

Of all the Christmas decorations and gifts that I'm been given the most have come from her - either handmade or bought.  In fact, my house is filled with gifts from my beautiful "baby" sister.  There are many more like a Santa that she made me that isn't out this year and other knick knacks that come out after the Christmas decorations are put away.  Most are displayed on shelves just above my sewing machine.  I keep one of my favorite pictures of  my "baby" sister and I there so I like seeing some of her gifts surrounding it.
I know that after my "baby" sister reads this post that she'll say, "Well, why isn't my Santa out?" I'd better work on an explanation for that.

In any event, I hope you enjoyed the slideshow and also hope my "baby" sister enjoyed the slideshow.  Maybe now she'll stop bugging me about the 54 dolls on her list.

On second thought maybe all these Christmas decorations and gifts have just been a hint that it was time to fork over the "54" dolls that she wants.

I don't think so.

Nice try "baby" sister!

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts, anyways!  You know I love you.

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