Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I Need To Stop Playing

I really do need to get more focused and stop playing.  I just can't help myself when I'm having so much fun.  Of course, nothing else gets done when I'm having fun, but life isn't all about work - now is it?

Have I got you wondering what I've been doing that's so much fun?

Well, I've been designing new fabrics for my "Babies In The Pumpkin Patch" product line.

It's FALL - my favorite time of the year so what else can you expect? My creative juices for everything FALL, babies, and pumpkins is in overdrive.

Here's what I've been working on:

Hubby and I created something the other day using one of the fabrics above and it came out wonderful.  I can't tell you what it is yet.  That's a surprise for a little later.  I can tell you it will probably be a free project that you can create that is fast and easy using one of the fabrics above.

And, since I've created all these new fabrics - of course I have to start sewing things.  What a shame! I have to start sewing!!!!  Oh, me! Oh, my!

Shh...... Don't tell hubby but I can hardly wait.  My creative juices aren't just in overdrive.  They're in warp speed mode.  If you were a Star Trek fan you'll know what I mean by that.

If you want to see all the fabrics in our BABIES IN THE PUMPKIN PATCH COLLECTION please CLICK HERE.

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  1. Hi Linda, thank for the comment about the stocking you are awesome. I know these pumpkin babies are going to be a hit, they are so cute. xoxox