Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2nd Session of My Crazy Quilt 101 Class

In my previous Linda's Blog post I told you that I am taking my first online class which is Pat Winter's Crazy Quilting 101  Artful Gathering 2012 class. After getting acquainted with the Ning Group and learning how to maneuver around the website I viewed the introduction, kit and supplies videos before I ran out of time.

So, this time I started with the piecing and finishing touches videos which were the next videos in the sequence.  After watching them I was curious as to how the lining was going to be added so I skipped through to the Project and Purse Assembly videos.

The class calls for sewing the sides together by hand, which is a wonderful way to finish a hand embellished purse.  However, I tend to like machine stitched seams so I'm not sure that I'm going to finish my purse that way. Instead of blind hand stitching the two finished and lined sections together and beading as I'm going along I think I'm going to machine stitch the sides of the purse together. From here I can decide whether to add beading along the outside seams of the purse or some sort of cording which I'll have to hand sew to the purse before I add the lining.

Then I'm going to stitch the sides of the lining with interface together leaving a 5" opening along the bottom edge for turning. Then with RST (right sides together) I'm going to stitch the top edge of the purse and lining with interface together. I'll turn the bag right sides out through the opening in the bottom of the lining and then hand stitch the bottom opening of the lining closed. Then I'll position the lining inside the purse.

I haven't decided if I'm going to add lace to the top of my purse. If I do I'll add it to the purse section before I sew the top edge of the purse and lining together. To do this I'll sew the right side of the bottom edge of the lace trim to the right side of the top edge of the purse. Then with RST I'll sew the top edge of the combined purse and lace to the top edge of the lining and interface piece.  When the purse is turned right sides out the lace will be righted and facing upwards.

In any event, I did manage to get my purse front pieced and sewn together and it is shown in the picture at the top of this post. The kit I had bought from Pat had so many beautiful pieces of fabric in it that it was hard to decide which ones to choose. I had many more than the CQ101 class called for. I had such a hard time choosing I decided to add three more fabrics to my layout. Pat had said to experiment and be adventuresome. That I did.

I saved all of the extra bits of fabric that were still usable for some future project like a crazy quilt coin purse or something.

Besides the piecing, I ironed on the fusible interfacing and then decided to baste about 1/16" away from the edge of the pattern line so when I was embellishing the front of the purse I would know exactly where the edge was. Once I was done embellishing and before finishing the purse (whichever way I choose) I'll remove the basting stitch.

The next nine videos are all about embellishing the front of my purse.  I can hardly wait to get started on this. I am so LOVING Pat's Crazy Quilting 101 class.


  1. Linda I love your purse. The colors are wonderful! Love your piecing!

  2. Hi Linda, It is me Marilou, glad to see we are in the same class, I love it, another fun thing to create. I just posted my piece in the class pic's and will put it on my blog tomorrow, have fun and see you over there. Hugs Marilou

  3. Hi Linda m beautiful colors ...
    I like the dark blue. kisses evelyne from France.

  4. I'm so happy everyone likes it. I had a hard time deciding which fabric to place where. I'm so loving this class. Thanks for all the comments. Have a great day. Linda

  5. Linda, love this piece. It's beautiful.