Monday, May 14, 2012

Inspired Creations By D Sunset Silhouettes Wall Art E-Pattern

I can remember my sister telling me she had something in mind for one of her wall art quilts that she wanted to try based upon a picture she had taken.

I, of course, thought it had to be a flower or something to do with flowers - that's her thing.  So, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed to see her beautiful "Sunset Silhouettes" wall art quilt, which is shown below.  I just LOVE it and hope you do, too.

Sunset Silhouettes E-Pattern
ICBD007LWEP Sunset Silhouettes E-Pattern - 35 1/2” L x 24 1/2” W Frame or Quilt - Fabric Wall Art E-Pattern With Framing Instructions


"Sunset Silhouettes" is 21 pages containing a digital picture of the framed fabric wall art, supplies needed and detailed instructions for creating the frame or quilt - fabric wall art; illustrations to guide you along the way, instructions for creating the wood frame, and full size pattern pieces. Pattern also includes both the forward and reverse pages for easy tracing onto iron-on transfer paper. I hope you enjoy creating "Sunset Silhouettes".

Designer - Debbie Bohringer of Inspired Creations By D

Here's what Debbie had to say abouot her pattern: I absolutely love this pattern. I was in Florida visiting my mother-in-law. My husband and I took her to a park and there was a pond with a dead tree sitting to the side and on the tree were two diving ducks. I took a picture of them and really liked how they came out silhouetted. I took the liberty of adding a sunset to my pattern and am really glad I did.

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