Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Grays Are Energizer Bunnies

Just when I think the "Grays" can't outdo themselves they go and do it! They've been on a tear for the last month creating new graphics and re-stocking their Gray Is Beautiful Gallery. They've also been posting like crazy over on their "Gray Is Beautiful" blog.

The "Grays" are definitely senior citizens who are on the move and who want to see, do, and create whatever suits their fancy. And, so they are.

They re-did some of their existing graphics, created some new graphics, revised some of the existing products in their gallery, added some new product lines to their gallery, created a new Gray Is Beautiful video, posted about what they've been up to, and - basically haven't even taken the time to catch their breathe.


All of their new graphics have been added to their "Gray Is Beautiful" video. If you'd like to watch the video just click on the play (lower left side gray triangle) button above. If you'd like to view this on YouTube please CLICK HERE.

The "Grays" have also shaken things up at the "Gray Is Beautiful" gallery - basically, turned it inside and out. If you'd like to see the changes to their gallery please CLICK HERE.

They've also been posting like crazy on their "Gray Is Beautiful" blog and, from what I've been told, will continue to post, and post, and post. There is no stopping them.

Here's their posts so far:

New Graphics and Changes To Our Gray Is Beautiful Gallery

We've Got Ornaments For The Holidays!

Our New 2012 Gray Is Beautiful Calendar

Who Doesn't LOVE Coffee Mugs?

What's ON SALE At The Gray Is Beautiful Gallery

A New Gray Is Beautiful Gallery Video

The "Grays" really are energizer bunnies.

I don't know about you, but I got tired just reading this.

It's time for a nap.......

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