Saturday, November 05, 2011

Our Victorian Lady Doll Mattie Has A Revised Pattern and E-Pattern

"Mattie", 13" Doll - Victorian Doll E-Pattern Lady Series - 1880 Walking Costume
Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate


"Mattie" is a free-standing doll all ready for her afternoon stroll.

Mattie just loves strolling in the park with her friends - especially if it's a bright, sunny and warm Spring day. There's no need for a winter coat, or boots, or gloves, or a long woolen dress. On a bright, sunny Spring day she get to wear her favorite blue and white walking costume - which suits her just fine.

Mattie is wearing a fancy lace trimmed dress with a ribbed, pleated bodice trimmed with gathered ribbon. The sleeves of her walking costume are long, gathered and ruffled. Her walking costume also has a fancy lace trimmed and gathered front and back overskirt.

Underneath her walking costume is a lace trimmed slip and around her shoulders is a lace shawl. Her beautiful long curly blonde hair tied in a ponytail and enhanced with floral accents. Silk floral pieces decorate her waistband and neckline.

She also has a painted wood head and covered round wood base. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered.

Today just happens to be a bright, sunny, and warm Spring day.  And, for that, Mattie is grateful.

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