Saturday, November 05, 2011

Our Victorian Lady Doll Mary Elizabeth Has A Revised Pattern and E-Pattern

"Mary Elizabeth", 13" Doll - Victorian Doll E-Pattern Lady Series - 1894 Paris Summer Gown
Pattern Category - Skill Level - Advanced


Mary Elizabeth just loves her twin sisters: Mary Elizabeth Loves Black and Mary Elizabeth Loves White.  She doesn't even mind that they idolize her. They always want to wear the same outfit as their big sister does.

However, when it comes to the color of their hair this is where they differ. You see, Mary Elizabeth Loves Black wants her hair color to be black and Mary Elizabeth Loves White wants her hair color to be white. So, instead of dying their natural hair color, which is dirty blonde and the same color as Mary Elizabeth's they decided to buy different color wigs.

"Mary Elizabeth" is a 13" free-standing Victorian doll all ready for her summer friends. She is wearing her favorite 1894 Paris Summer Gown.

She has a two-tiered pointed and lined jacket with a 3-tiered collar, long puffed & color coordinated cuffed sleeves, lace and ribbon waistband and silk floral closure. Her fancy lace & floral lined hat with a large ribbon tied in a bow, floral decoration, and feather sits lovingly upon her head. Her beautiful blue laced trimmed dress has a lined train, lace collar, and silk floral decoration. Her thick blonde hair with bangs is fashioned into a bun and she is carrying a lace trimmed parasol.

She also has a painted wood head and covered round wood base. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered.

When it comes to hair and hair color Mary Elizabeth's sisters think they are experts at matching the right hair color wig to the right complexion. Mary Elizabeth is not so sure.  She much prefers her natural blonde hair.

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