Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Makes Our Patterns The Best?

When it comes to selling products everyone claims their products are the best. It's hard to know what's true and what isn't.  If I were to tell you that our patterns really are the best you'd probably just shake your head and say, "ya, ya, ya." Well, the truth is they really are the best!"

So, I thought I'd do something a little different.  In order to make you a believer I thought I'd actually show you,  "What makes Linda Walsh Originals Doll Patterns So Wonderful?" 

In order to answer that I'm going to show you exactly what all our patterns and e-patterns contain with some illustrations and then explain to you why our patterns are so great for any skill level. We have patterns for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skills.  And, many of our patterns can be made by children with adult supervision. Once you see what we have to offer you can decide for yourselves whether or not ours are the best. 

Our doll patterns and craft patterns were designed to make it easy to follow sewing the doll or craft from beginning to end whether you are a beginner crafter and/or sewer or an experienced crafter and/or seamstress. Everything and anything you need to know are all contained within the pattern. 

And, depending on your skill level you can utilize just the instructions sheets, just the diagrams pages, or just the pattern pieces themselves to make the doll or craft. Personally, I don't like reading written instructions as much I like following pictures. But, most of all, I like putting things together just by using the pattern pieces. Kind of like a jig-saw puzzle. But, that's me. 

So, I thought I'd include something for everyone - those who like written instructions, those who like pictures or diagrams, and those who just want the pattern pieces. 

So, here's what you get: 
The Front Cover

The front cover includes a digital picture of the doll, the Pattern #, doll size, doll’s name, and doll description. 

The Back Cover

The back cover lists all of the supplies needed to make the doll, including where each of the supplies is used within the pattern (listed in the parenthesis). It also includes our business  information, copyrights, and legal information concerning the use of our pattern. 

Pattern Instructions
The pattern instruction sheets list in detail the sewing instructions, additional pieces to be cut, and the instructions for putting the doll together from start to finish. The pattern instruction sheets follow the diagrams sheets from beginning to end and include many references to the diagrams pages. The pattern instruction sheets also reference each pattern piece by its name and each pattern piece edge by its label. It also includes a bare minimum of pictures so you get the idea without breaking the bank with toner cartridges if you choose to buy one of our e-patterns. 

Diagrams Sheets

The diagrams pages are computer aided or drawn examples of putting the doll together from start to finish and show you how the doll should look step by step. They follow the pattern instruction sheets from beginning to end. They are usually on one or two pages.  The idea is to give you a quick look at the start to finish process in a minimal amount of pages so, again, you won't break the bank in toner cartridges if you've purchased one of our e-patterns. The diagrams sheets could easily sit next to the sewing machine while you're sewing as a quick and easy reference. 

Pattern Piece Sheets

The pattern piece sheets are all full size page sheets. All of the pattern pieces are named and indicate the number of pieces to cut. The edges of all the pattern pieces are labeled as to edge placement and what sewing is to be done with that edge. If the edge is to be sewn to another pattern piece then the edge contains the name of that specific pattern piece. The fold lines, sew lines, and cutting lines are all indicated as well. Our pattern piece sheets are all single sided full size page sheets and none of the pieces overlap one another or need to be reduced or enlarged. 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced crafter and/or sewer you should be able to easily follow our pattern directions for making the doll. If you like to sew using written instructions then just follow the sewing instruction sheets from start to finish. If you like to sew using pictures or diagrams just follow the pictures or diagrams outlined in our Diagrams Sheets from the first diagram straight thru to the last diagram. If you like a challenge and like to just put the doll together from the pattern pieces you can do that as well. 

We have classified our patterns into 3 groups -  B = beginner, I = Intermediate, and A = Advanced. The patterns classification is shown on their purchase page so you know before you buy the pattern what the it's classification is. Our patterns can be used by beginners, intermediate crafters and/or sewers, and the more advanced or experienced seamstress or crafter. 

Our print patterns are all folded so they fit nicely in a 6" x 9" plastic sleeve. Besides the plastic sleeve and price, the only difference between our print patterns and e-patterns is the first page of the .PDF e-pattern file is shown like the picture above and the front cover and back cover are turned sideways to make the e-pattern foldable to 6"x 9" size  - just like the print pattern. 

So now, hopefully, you have a good idea as to what our patterns contain and what makes them so wonderful. 

Now, I have a question for you. Why not try one of our patterns yourself? 

Come on. You know you want to. 

And, when you do please send us an email and let us know how you liked our pattern. We'd love to hear from you. 

Better yet, send us a picture and we'll post it on our Linda's Blog

Happy sewing. 

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