Friday, October 21, 2011

After Ten Long Months I'm Finally Finished!

Ta Da!  Drum Roll Please!  I'm Done!

It's been ten LONG months, but I'm happy to report that all 270+ of my patterns and e-patterns have been completely revised.  My folksy, friendly patterns have all been updated.  It's not that there was anything wrong with my patterns the way they were.  It's just that I thought the diagrams pages and pattern piece pages could be improved upon with a little computer assistance.

Like before they all include written instructions, diagrams pages, and pattern piece sheets.  However, in our newly revised versions all the diagrams are drawn or enhanced with the help of the computer and include typed descriptions.  Plus, all the pattern piece sheets are computer drawn with typed descriptions.  And, I couldn't be happier with the results.

There has also been an added benefit to this.  I now have hundreds of masters for doll bodies, dresses, jackets, vests, bloomers, slips, pantaloons, hats, bonnets, scarves, shoes, shirts, coats, bags, and so much more.  I also have hundreds of graphic faces and hundreds of diagrams for putting  all of those items together.  There may be some e-books in the making down the road.  Hmmm.......  Maybe even some "dollie" graphics.  Hmmm.........

And, not to brag (okay maybe just a little) after ten months I've become really, really good at manipulating Microsoft Publisher and creating computer assisted diagrams and pattern pieces.  As I've mentioned many times before - I really love Microsoft Publisher as it is so versatile when it comes to everything I need for my patterns, e-patterns, websites, and small business.  If someone told me I could only use one program and nothing else Publisher would be my choice  - hands down.  However, there is a learning curve with regards to Publisher and even I would have to admit I still don't know all the things the program can do.  There is just so much there.

I know I've also told you before why my patterns and e-patterns are so wonderful.  Well, with their revisions they're all even better than before.  So, what do you get with our patterns and e-patterns?  CLICK HERE to find out why my Linda Walsh Originals patterns are so wonderful and what you get with each and every pattern.

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