Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wonderful News - "Nellie" Our Victorian Snow-lady's E-Pattern Has Been Revised

When we decided to revise our "Nellie" e-pattern we knew we were in for a challenge. You see, she is quite intricately designed. As a result, there are quite a few diagrams to revise and quite a few pattern pieces to revise. However, she is stunning and revising her e-pattern was well worth the effort.

“Nellie” is a 23” Snowlady Doll from our Victorian Series who is wearing a 1893 Ladies Street Costume. She is one of my more advanced patterns and requires a more experienced sewer. It's not that she is "difficult" herself (she told me to tell you that) it's just that her clothing is intricately designed. Her lined coat is adorned with lace both inside and out. As a result her Pattern Category - Skill Level is Advanced.

"Nellie Snow Lady" is a 23" free-standing Victorian snow-lady doll and such a beautiful snow lady dressed in her best 1893 ladies street costume.

She has a fancy double-tiered double lace trimmed dress with a full length double-tiered double laced trimmed (inside and out) lined jacket with long puffed sleeves.  Her beautiful white hair that is fastened with a bun and has with wispy bangs is beautifully contained underneath her  fancy lace and floral decorated lined hat.  Her fancy hat is tied with a lace ribbon into a bow on the side of her head.  She is also wearing a lace trimmed and gathered slip and lace trimmed and gathered bloomers.

Her face is partly embroidered and she has a covered Styrofoam head and cloth body supported by a wood dowel and covered wood base. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered and she is holding a lace trimmed matching parasol in her hands that are covered by lace gloves.

"Nellie Snow Lady" is the epitome of elegance in snow gals. She just loves her Victorian outfit and blue colors. It is a good compliment to her "snow" complexion. "Nellie Snow Lady" prides herself on her composure, her style, and her demeanor. She is everything you could want in a Victorian Snow Lady.

Here's a Linda's Blog post about "Nellie:"

Two things today got me to thinking about "Nellie" my Victorian snowlady doll pattern. The first is that it is once again snowing outside. This is the fourth time this week. I'm beginning to think that Mother Nature is out to get us or, at the very least, inundate us with snow.

The second is a comment from my husband. When the Christmas decorations are put away the Winter decorations, also known as snowpeople, make their appearance. In the front foyer of our house I have a seasonal display. Right now there is a large floral basket with all the winter blue colors and three of my snowpeople dolls there. The focal point of the winter display is my "Nellie" Victorian snowlady doll.

"Nellie" was named after my husband's Grand Aunt who was born in May of 1889, definitely during the Victorian Era. Or, at the very least, towards the end of the Victorian Era. All I could think of while I was designing her was that "Nellie" had to have been a bit on the shy, defined, and eloquent side. So, my "Nellie" had to be also.

Yah, so? Linda, will you please get to the second reason!!! Okay, okay. You know how I love to get off track. In any event, my husband told me yesterday that he thinks that my "Nellie" Victorian snowlady doll is the best doll I've ever made. Well, I couldn't agree with him more. She really is quite stunning. I have to keep that to myself though as "Nellie" is quite full of herself as are most of the dolls I've made. She just loves to be on display and begged me to show you the new pictures that I've just taken of her so you could judge for yourselves.

So, what do you think? Is she stunning? If you think so, please don't tell her. Make sure you send me a confidential e-mail. "Nellie" is quite the snoop and if she found out there would be no living with her then. She'd want to be on display year round. And then I'd have "Dollie WWIII" going on in my house. Please, please if you think she's gorgeous let ME know. Just don't tell"Nellie."

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