Saturday, February 12, 2011

Way Too Much Going On - Changes To My Patterns and E-Patterns


Do you ever think that you've got way too much going on?  I do and I find myself in this predicament many times.  Of course, I'm to blame for this.  You see I tend to turn suggestions or nice ideas into major projects.

For several years now I've been thinking that changing the diagrams pages and pattern piece sheet pages of my patterns and e-patterns from folksy handwritten and hand drawn diagrams to typed words and computer assisted drawn images would be nice.  I haven't done this before as I knew there would be a lot of work involved in doing so.

Well, I decided a couple of weeks ago to try one pattern to see how difficult it would be and how long it would take.  As you probably know I use Microsoft Publisher to create my patterns and e-patterns.  I've been using it for years upon years now and would be lost without it.  So, I thought I see how difficult it would be to use their computer assisted drawing tools to help me create some of the images on my diagrams pages and pattern pieces sheets.  After a few mangled attempts at drawing curves I finally got the knack of it.  And, it worked really well once I got used to drawing lines, circles, curves, arrows, different size text, and different positioning of the text and images.  In fact, everything looked so wonderful.  So nice and neat (not that my drawn diagrams weren't neat) and organized (not that my drawn diagrams weren't organized - as they were).  It really made a difference in my pattern.  I just LOVED how they looked. 

So, I decided I should enhance all my folksy patterns and spruce them up a little with typed text and some computer drawn images.  The pattern piece sheets would all contain typed text and computer generated pieces.  I decided however that some of the images on my diagrams sheet are just too cute the way they are.  So, they won't all be enhanced.  Can't take away all the charm of my patterns - can I?

Well, with 272 patterns this is a HUGE endeavor to undertake.  Depending on the size of the pattern it might take me anywhere from one day to three days just to complete the changes.  That's a HUGE undertaking to say the least.  Certainly not one hubby is real thrilled with as it means more time at my computer.

So, I'll just take it one pattern at a time and over time eventually they'll all be done.  I've got 25 of them done now and they're all updated on my Linda Walsh Originals  shop. 

In the next few days I'll be posting which patterns and e-patterns have been enhanced and beautified. As is usually the case, each of the now enhanced and beautified "dollies" wants their own revised e-patterns post. They always have to have their "15" minutes of fame - don't they? So, to keep peace in our house, once again, I'll appease them.

Stay tuned for the enhanced and beautified "dollie's" revised e-patterns posts.

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