Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Obsession With Shoes and Socks!

I know that I've mentioned that my family tends to give handmade gifts during the holiday season. And, I, in particular, LOVE receiving them.

Well, I can't say that I don't like receiving store bought gifts - as I do. It's just that the handmade gifts have a little extra meaning associated with them.

In any event, besides an obsession with dolls, the Victorian era, floral arrangements, history, and genealogy I have an obsession with shoes and socks. Or, at least, my family thinks so.

Now I know what you're going to say, "Is she like Imelda Marcos and her obsession with shoes?" I can happily say, "No!" It's not that type of shoe.

It's not shoes for my feet that I'm obsessed with. It's miniature shoes!  I'm obsessed with socks for my feet!

As far as shoes are concerned, I collect all kinds of miniature shoes and have, I have to admit, quite a few of them. It's not totally my fault. I keep getting them as presents during the holiday season.  And, they're all so adorable, I just have to display them.

So, with this obsession in mind along with my Victorian era obsession, my brother and sister-in-law decided one Christmas to make and give me the large wooden Victorian shoe pictured at the beginning of this post. I, of course, absolutely LOVED it.

It's actually a shoe pedestal with a small wood table at the top. I decided that instead of putting it in my sun-room with a plant on top that I'd display it in my family room with one of my handmade dolls on top. I could leave it there all year and just change the doll with the seasons.

One of my Linda Walsh Originals doll pattern designs, "Swing Sweetly Annabelle", from "The Long Sleek Sitting Doll" series is currently sitting on top of my shoe.

She loves it there and isn't sure she's going to give up her seat for a Fall scarecrow. In fact, she's made it quite clear she thinks that she should stay right where she is forever. I don't know about that. We'll see.

As far as my obsession with socks for my feet is concerned I have to blame old age on that.  As a child I used to run around in bare feet.  Whether it was through the water in the ocean where we lived or through the woods where we later moved to- bare feet it was.  Bare feet in the house - bare feet to bed.

However, somewhere along the way my feet started getting cold.  My circulation is fine.  I just have cold feet and cold hands.  It's gotten to the point where I have to wear socks all the time.  In the house, in bed, with sandals, etc.

So, since I have to wear socks all the time - not knee socks - ankle socks or anklets - I might as well wear colorful ones.  In fact, the more colorful the better.

Now the reason why I have so many socks is because everyone keeps giving them to me as presents.  And, a girl can only wear so many socks.  Suffice to say, I won't ever run out of socks.

And, when they do wear out and I get a hole in my toes- well, they become socks for my dolls.  No need throwing a good sock away.  Re-purpose it into a sock for a doll.

Does that qualify as a re-purpose?  Hmmmm.....

It's no longer a sock for me, but a sock (or top of a sock) for a doll!  Re-purposed or recycled?  Hmmmm....

You can decide that.

So, do I have an obsession with shoes - I guess!  So, do I have an obsession with socks - I guess! Better add shoes and socks to my ever growing list of obsessions.

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