Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Hard To Believe - 1,002


It's hard to believe - one thousand and two!


At least to us that's amazing.

Do we have you wondering as of yet what we're referring to?

If we do then we'll just have to tell you what we're referring to.

You see, one thousand and two is the number of posts the "dollies" and I have published to my Linda's Blog since we started posting to it on 6/22/05.  We hit 1,000 posts on 9/19/10  and 1,002 yesterday.   

That's a lot of posts!   

Don't you think?

Do the "dollies" and I LOVE to blog?

I guess with 1,002 posts under our belt we'd have to say "YES!"

Blogging for the past 5 years has been a wonderful journey and we have met some phenomenal people and "dollies" along the way.

So, we'd like to say "THANKS" to all our blogging readers and blogging friends.  Thanks for tuning in, seeing what the "dollies" and I have been up to, and following us along our adventure.

I hope you  have enjoyed reading our posts as much as the "dollies" and I have enjoyed writing them.

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