Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cloth Wreaths and a Giant Stapler - Sort Of!

Several years ago I saw a stuffer from one of the catalogs I routinely get - or should I say was in one of the catalogs I get inundated daily with. Why mail order companies feel that they need to send you a million catalogs  I'll never know. I keep a current one of the ones I buy from and pitch all the others. So, that means each and every day I'm throwing away piles of catalogs. Talk about a WASTE of trees. Mother earth cringes every day when we get our mail.

In fact it got so bad a while ago I had to sent a letter to the big telemarketing companies requesting that I get removed from their lists. This stopped the stack I was getting inundated with for awhile. Now I guess I'm going to have to send another letter as I seem to be getting more and more - and not just from companies I buy from. When you see new catalogs from companies you've never bought from you know someone is selling your name and address. And, here I thought those privacy laws were meant to stop all that! Ya right!

In any event, back to the story. The filler was an ad for a puffy fabric wreath that looked adorable. Since I love floral crafts and love sewing I thought it might be fun. And, then I learned that it requires no sewing. Well, how much fun is that! I thought - perfect!

Well, in order to make the wreath I needed to buy an E-Z wreathmaker which is a tool that allows you to clamp single or double rail clamp-style wreath rings. You know the metal rings with prongs that you see hanging up in the floral section of the craft supply stores. There's no way you can fold the metal prongs down without a large clamp. Think of the E-Z wreathmaker as a giant stapler and you'll get the idea.

So, since I needed the clamp for some of my floral creations anyway ( Ya right! Tell my husband that!) I decided to buy one and make the no sew cloth wreaths. I ordered my E-Z Wreathmaker from Maple Ridge Supply in Posen, MI and anxiously awaited its' arrival.

Of course the day my tool arrived I decided to put it to good use and proceeded to make my first wreath, which is shown in the picture at the top of this post.   It was really very easy to do as all you had to do was cut the fabric strips, cut quilt batting to create the puff, fold the fabric around the batting and then use the E-Z wreathmaker tool to clamp the fabric in place. Simple as pie. A little tiring on the arm for the clamping! LOL LOL But, basically easy to do.

Also, since I never make anything exactly the way the pattern specifies I decided to add a large wire ribbon bow and add a painted welcome banner and other embellishments.  

So, since it was so easy to do and since I NEVER do anything in moderation I decided to make three more and they're shown in the rest of the pictures in this post. Of course, they all had their own wire ribbon bows and painted and/or stenciled wood signs.  One even had a few painted wood ornaments to compliment it.

I was happy with my no sew wreaths and thought they came out kinda cute. What do you think?

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