Saturday, January 16, 2010

Redesign of My Book Review Corner Blog

The other day I spent the morning learning how to create a 4-column blog out of my 3-column "The Book Review Corner" blog and I'm happy to report that I had "success."  I love how it turned out and think it suits this particular blog just fine.

However, I don't have any plans to change any of my other blogs as I think that either the 2-column format or the 3-column format suits each of them just fine.  The 4-column format works for The Book Review Corner blog, but because there are so many columns the main post isn't as wide and each of the columns will only hold an image that is 150 pixels wide.  But, as mentioned, this format works for this particular blog.

I had to change the HTML coding in my template to accomplish this.    Since I had already converted this blog to a 3-column blog previously it wasn't quite as difficult to convert to 4-columns as I had envisioned. If you'd like to see the HTML coding changes that I made to convert my blog from 3-columns to 4-columns please CLICK HERE for my Linda's How-Do-I Series: Changing My Blog From 3-Columns to 4-Columns post on my Tips For Crafters On The Web blog.

There are some websites out there that provide the coding for a 4-column blog, and if you're starting from scratch you can use them, but I already had a ton of modules that I had added and a lot of customization that I had already added to The Book Review Corner blog that I didn't want to have to re-enter so I took the approach above.What worked for me and my blog above might not work for you and your blog as your blogs HTML and CSS coding might be slightly different.

It took a little while, but I was happy with the way it all turned out. I'd love for you to check out the redesign of The Book Review Corner blog and let me know what you think.


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