Sunday, December 06, 2009

Reflections On Age

I think I'm mellowing with age. Either that or I've become much more philosophical in my old age. Now, I'm not really old by any "senior" standards - especially my Mother's and her friends, some of which are 90 and older. But, I officially became a "senior citizen" when I turned 55 this this year.

There was a time when I thought that was really "old!" YIKES!! That was during my youth when I was invincible - nothing could touch me and I had all the time in the world.

Now, time flies by faster than I would ever like it to. In fact, I was thinking about this the other day when I was watching a documentary on the Kennedy assassination, the Martin Luther King assassination, the Bobby Kennedy assassination, and the turbulence of the late 60's and early 70's.

It suddenly dawned on me that I had graduated back in 1971 which is 38 years ago. I'm amazed that it has been that long. Where did the time go? Looking back I know that I was involved with living my life during those 38 years, but what exactly had I done during those last 38 years? Sure, there are lots and lots of things to be proud of, things I accomplished, skills I'd learned, countries I'd visited, jobs I'd had, etc. There were also a lot of people who have come into and out of my life during that time. Some I loved deeply and cherished who are no longer with me - but, whom I'd love to just have one more minute with.

But, I'd be hard pressed to sit down and relay everything to you. I just can't remember everything. I'd like to remember without referencing anything. Fortunately, I'm a pack hound! LOL LOL I keep or have kept everything.

To remember everything that happened during those 38 years or since I was a little girl I'd have to turn to the memory books that I've been keeping since I was 10 or so. I'd have to look back on some of the old family pictures. I'd have to look back to all the old greeting cards I've been keeping since I was about 6 or so.

I'd have to re-read some of my old correspondence and look at all the Christmas cards I'd received over the years. I'd even have to re-read some of my old school papers, theme papers, projects, reports and test answers to see what I may or may not have been thinking at some point in time. Yes - I actually did keep all of them since the 6TH or 7Th grade.

I kept everything and, when I have time - which is almost NEVER I like to flip through some of the boxes. Sometimes such wonderful memories are brought back to me when I do. Something I may have forgotten. Someone I may have forgotten.

Part of me would love to have 55 years again and part of me just LOVES being a "senior" citizen. I'm proud of myself and my accomplishments. I'm in the happiest period of my life and, truthfully, would not like to be a teenager or twenty-something individual again. I know who I am, what I've accomplished, and where I'm going.

I'm a product of the baby boomer generation and women's movement and proud of all that we have accomplished. I cherish it all as I know all to well how hard it was back then and how far we have come. I have plenty of stories to tell - some of which I'll write about some day - some of which I won't.

However, I have a long time yet to go by "senior" standards and would LOVE to live to be 100 years old. I hope I do. I've still got a LOT of challenges ahead of me. So many things yet to do - yet, so little time!

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