Thursday, December 31, 2009

Punchneedle Christmas Cube Decorations For Christmas 2009

During the spring time and summer when my "baby", my cairn terrier, was recovering from his spleen surgery and then his stroke I spent a lot of time in my sun room with him. He would lay beside me while I was sitting there watching me wondering what I was doing. Of course, I wasn't just sitting there. I was actually punch-needling some of the kits I had purchased earlier in the year.

I had decided that I wanted to finish all my punch-needle kits with wooden sponge painted shadowboxes that my brother had helped me with and which I had blogged about in a post entitled "What's A Little Sawdust?"

So, I thought you'd like to see some of the 30+ kits I created this year some of which were given as Christmas presents this year.

The ones shown below and stacked on top of each other above are all from a LizzieKate ( pattern entitled "Holiday Hang-ups" (  The kit included reverse pre-printed fabric, DMC floss, and pattern with instructions.  The design was printed on the reverse side of the fabric and you work on the reverse side when punching to create the image on the front side.  They were supposed to be hanging ornaments with two layers of pinking shear trimmed felt backing but I finished them with sponge painted wooden shadowboxes.

The three cubes measure 2 1/4" by 2 1/2" and are 2" deep.  I have them spaced about an 1" apart in a row on top of my desk.  That's how they are for now, but that could change in an instant and they'll be stacked one on top of the other or one on top of two, or any other arrangement I may come up with.  You just never know.

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