Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Do You Think About Being Gray! Come Join In The Discussion!

The "grays" decided that they would like to know what everyone thinks about being "gray." You see, they are all "PROUD TO BE GRAY!" and don't mind telling you so.

As far as they are concerned aging is beautiful and gray hair is not only beautiful, but something to be proud of. It's a totally natural process and one they feel is a something that should be celebrated. After all they feel they've earned all those gray or white hairs. Their feeling is that you should stand up and say, "I'm gray and proud of it!" Better yet, "I'm a senior citizen and PROUD of it!"

Forget coloring your hair to look younger. The "grays" are all proud women who have the confidence that comes with age. They know who they are, know where they've been, and know where they would like to go.

And, they don't feel there is any need to disguise their age by coloring their gray hair. Color their hair - no way!

They're in the happiest times of their life and do not feel the need to change their appearance to disguise who they really are. Gray is the new blonde! Come and enjoy the times of your life. You've earned it.

The Gray Is Beautiful Gallery is in honor of all the aging, graying, baby boomer, senior citizens, Grandmothers, Nana's, Grandma's and Grannies out there. Come join the "Gray Revolution."

Come join in the discussion and let us know how you feel about being "gray." Leave a comment on this post of Gray Is beautiful Blog.

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