Friday, September 18, 2009

The Victorian "Ladies" Interview

Well, the Victorian " Ladies" couldn't be prouder. You see, Elizabeth de Almedia's interview about my Linda Walsh Originals Victorian "Ladies" was posted this week.

The interview was split in two ( Part 1 on 9/14/09 and Part 2 on 9/16/09) and the article contained some of Elizabeth de Almedia's comments and a small slide show of some of the Victorian "Ladies" pictures.

Elizabeth de Almeida is the NY Doll Collecting freelance writer for the and is a doll artist who creates OOAK handmade dolls that have been featured in Contemporary Doll Collector and who has won numerous awards. She is also the owner of Lizjul Doll Designings and has written a book entitled: Sounds Like A Doll: We Can Find Inspiration Behind The Soul of Imagination.

The Victorian "Ladies" and I are thrilled and honored to have been asked by Elizabeth to share our thoughts and insights on doll artistry. We thank her so much for her comments and for including us in her wonderful historic costume series: Dolls back in time: dolls of historic design and Dolls back in time: dolls of historic design - part II. Thanks, again, Elizabeth.

We hope you enjoy the interview and slideshow.

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