Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Customer Request - An Unusual Witch!

In the Fall I got an email from a customer telling me that she just loved my witches and wanted to know if I could make an unusual kind of witch for her.

I, of course, was curious. Hmmmm..... witches are witches. What kind of witch did she have in mind that would be so unusual?

Well, it turns out that she had a friend who LOVED witches who also happened to be pregnant and my customer was throwing her a baby shower. So, she wanted to know if I had any "pregnant witches" and if not, would I make her one.

I told her that unfortunately I didn't do custom dolls requests but, would be more than happy to alter a witch I had already made to be pregnant and suggested one of my cloth and wood witches to her.

She loved the witch I had in mind so I altered her to be pregnant and here are the before and after results:



The witches body was made of wood so what I did was to create a large pair of bloomers and then added a foam ball with stuffing around it to hold the ball in place. I added a tying ribbon to the waistband of the bloomers so my customer's friend could untie the bloomers and remove the pregnancy ball so she could use the witch as a regular witch decoration in the future.

I think she turned out really cute. What do you think?

I hope the baby shower was successful and that my "pregnant" witch was a big success.


  1. Hi Linda

    That was a clever idea you did in changing your witch doll to a pregnant witch.

    I just love it she is so cute!!!


  2. Thanks, Rosalie. I'm so glad you like her. How have you been? I hope 2009 is off to a great start for you.


  3. Thank You :-) I am fine and 2009 has been slow starting for me.

    I needed a little break after the mad rush of the holidays.

    I am ready to get going now!!! So watch out 2009 I've got lots of plans for this year.