Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I' ve Got New E-Patterns and New Handmade Dolls & Crafts

I've got the best news to tell you. I've got 187 new E-Patterns just waiting to be released on my website and for most of these at least one new handmade doll or craft is just waiting to be released. I can't release them all at the same time as some are seasonal, some are for the holidays, and some are for special occasions. But, I will be releasing all of the them over the next few months and into 2009.

You might be wondering what kinds of e-patterns and handmade dolls & crafts I've created.

Well, I've got just about everything, including the kitchen sink.

Here's the rundown of the new pattern categories:

Bridal Dolls & E-Patterns, Bridal Shower Favors & E-Patterns, Baby Shower Favors & E-Patterns, Graduation Gown E-Pattern, Victorian Hunter Doll & E-Pattern, Victorian Animals and E-Patterns, Victorian Snow-ladies and Snowmen, Woodland Doll and E-Pattern, Porcelain Victorian Dolls & E-Patterns, Candlestick,, Victorian Dolls & E-Patterns, Colonial Dolls & E-Patterns, Wooden Victorian "Ladies" and E-Patterns, Victorian Fairies and E-patterns, Primitive Ladies and E-Patterns, Victorian Dolls With Painted Faces and E-Patterns, Faceless, Colonial Dolls & E-Patterns, The Sneaker Series of Dolls & E-Patterns, The Twins Series of Dolls & E-Patterns, Cinnamon Dolls & E-Patterns, Bowling Pin Dolls & E-Patterns, Raggedy Dolls & E-Patterns, Primitive Raggedy Ornaments & E-Patterns, Wooden Raggedies and E-Patterns, Stick'em and Collect'em Series of Dolls & E-Patterns, The Candleweed's Family Series of Dolls & E-Patterns, The Egg Muff Series of Dolls & E-Patterns, Occupation Dolls & E-Patterns, 4Th of July & Americana Dolls & E-Patterns, Clown Dolls & E-Patterns, Christening Doll & E-Pattern, St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun & E-Pattern, Fall Dolls & E-Patterns, Halloween Dolls & E-Patterns,, Thanksgiving Ornaments and E-Patterns, Spring and Easter Dolls & E-Patterns, Winter Snowmen Dolls & E-Patterns,, Wooden Spoon Dolls & E-Patterns, Angel Dolls & E-Patterns,, Christmas Doll & E-Patterns, Victorian Dress Ornaments & E-Patterns, Sculley Cap Ornaments & E-Patterns, and Shoe Ornaments & E-Patterns.

Of this group we have brothers and sisters, grandma's and grandpa's, husbands and wives, babies, shower favors, ornaments, animals, snow-ladies, snowmen, woodland hunters, porcelain Victorians, woodland Santa's, primitives, dolls with faces, dolls without faces, happy dolls and sad dolls, dolls for children's decor, dolls for home decor, twins, girls and boys, eggheads, patriotic Santa's, patriotic snowmen, scarecrows, ghosts, witches, Dracula, wooden spoon ornaments, bunnies, Santa's, carolers, raggedies, Victorian ladies, Victorian gentlemen, and more.

I've got so many new handmade dolls & crafts and e-patterns to roll out that it will take me a little while to add them all to my websites and blogs. After all, it took me two years to create and design them all. And, I'm finally ready to show them all to you. And, yes, as promised some of the new e-patterns will be FREE.

Pictured are two of the new dolls that I'm going to release this week - just in time for Fall. I hope you're as excited about my new dolls and e-patterns as I am.

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it........ There's that Pointer Sisters song again......

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