Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's So Frustrating.....

I am a "the glass is half full" type of person and don't really like to complain much. I know that life is so short and, as a result, I try to take each day one day at a time and enjoy the days as much as I possibly can.

A couple weeks ago I was thrilled to be opening an Etsy shoppe and posted about it here on my Linda's Blog. If you'd like to read my post please CLICK HERE .

I was thrilled because Etsy has some of the best artists and crafters in the world selling their creations in their Etsy shoppes and I was happy to be part of this wonderful website.

Today, however, I'm not as happy go lucky as I usually am. You see, I'm a little frustrated right now with something that is happening on Etsy and a little concerned, too.

I've been having a problem for several weeks now with images showing up on Etsy. I've been getting red X's for some of the images, avatars, and pictures in the Etsy flash modules (like I have on the sidebar of my blog). I tried seeing what happened on 2 different computers to see if it was one of my computers, like needing to clear my cache, etc. Well, it wasn't that.

So I thought I'd check my other computer to see if it happened there. Well, it wasn't that. The same thing happened on both of the computers I tried.

Then I tried to see if it was just my browser so I tried it on AOL, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Well, it wasn't that. All were the same - red X's.

Now AOL and Internet Explorer are fine. However, Firefox is still showing the red X's for some of the images, avatars, and flash modules.

I've been keeping up with the threads in the Etsy forum on this and know the Etsy technicians are working on this. This morning the Etsy technicians are saying it's only AT&T internet service providers. Well, it's not only that. You see, I have Verizon Fios not AT&T and this is only happening on the Etsy website.

I wanted to add more products to my Etsy shoppe but am concerned about doing so and I'm concerned about customers reactions to seeing red X's on Etsy for days on end. If you're a reader of my blogs you know how much I dislike red X's and feel they are bad for business.

But, I'm a "glass is half full" gal and know the Etsy technicians will get this fixed soon! Right guys! You will get this fixed real soon????

Anyone else experiencing these problems?

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