Sunday, June 01, 2008

My New Patterns Progress So Far!

It seems like I've been working on my new handmade dolls & crafts and their respective e-patterns for quite some time now. The truth is it has been a long, slow process as I decided to create 183 new dolls and patterns all at once.

That's a LOT of dolls at once. My rationale is that there's always a learning curve when you start the creative process, make the doll, and then write-up the pattern so it's better to do several at once to save time. Once you're in design and pattern creation mode and have your mind thinking sewing terminology it's easy to do multiple numbers at once.

But, I underestimated the time required to draw all the diagrams sheets for 183 different patterns. It would have been easier if I didn't re-invent the wheel with each pattern and make it unique. However, that's me. I like all my dolls to be different.

The good news is that all of the diagrams and pattern piece sheets are done. Now I'm just writing up the text. After that, everything has to be scanned in, my complete pattern file created, and my .pdf e-pattern file created. After that everything gets added to my websites.

Then, of course, all the promoting has to be done. I'll be in blogging heaven for that as I just LOVE to post on all my blogs.

In any event, I hope to finish all of my patterns up within the next few months and hope to start rolling them all out over the summer. It'll be hot fun in the summertime.

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