Thursday, February 21, 2008

My FREE It's Me, Ginny! E-Pattern

While I was out checking some statistics on my websites I noticed that my FREE "It's Me, Ginny!" e-pattern has been download 890 times with most of those downloads happening in the last few months.

That's A LOT of interest in a cute little terra cotta bunny and I couldn't be happier. I hope everyone who has download "It's Me, Ginny!" enjoys making her. She is really easy to create and just the cutest little thing.

In fact, Ginny and I would love to see any pictures of your "It's Me, Ginny!" creations. Wouldn't we, Ginny?

What? You're mad at me? About what? What did I do?

Oh, that!

Okay, I apologize, Ginny! You're not a thing!

You're a "bunny." Are you happy now?

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