Monday, February 18, 2008

I Joined A NEW Community Called "The Fairy Society Artist Community"

Last week I was invited to join "The Fairy Art Society Community" network by Paula Johnson. Paula is a very talented doll maker and owner of Paula's Dollhouse. Since Paula was a member I, of course, joined right away and have to tell you that I'm thrilled with what I've seen so far.

The Fairy Society Artist Community is owned and operated by Sherri Baldy who is also the owner of "The Fairy Society" which is a company founded and run by an artist, for artists.

According to Sherri, The Fairy Society aims to help artists achieve their career goals through licensing with quality companies and creating brand names for them and their artwork.

The Fairy Society Artist Community is "An Enchanted Social Networking Community created for Friendship with independent Artists, Musicians, Poets, Writers, Crafter's, Designers, Retailers, Bloggers and more." Everyone is welcome.

Their membership is growing at an amazing rate. They added 300 members in just 3 days and currently have 479 members.

"The Fairy Society Artists Community" offers so many things. You can have your own page customized to be the way you want it. Here's my Linda Walsh page if you want to take a look.
They also have a Main page, a Members page, a Forum for discussions that you can participate in, many, many Groups you can join, a Photos page that you can add photo's of your creations to, and a Videos page you can add your videos to. They also give you the ability to add blog posts, which I haven't done yet but will be doing soon. Blog posts are shown in a continuous flow on the main page as are photos and videos.

Members can invite friends to join and each member's page includes a "friends" module. So far, I have 28 friends listed. No surprise - most, of course, are doll makers.

Members pages also include their profile, the ability to add music files, an about me module, recent activity, gadgets module, pictures, friends wall, comment wall, groups they've joined, and RSS feed for their blog. If you add photo's to the photo's page you can also have a photo's module. The same is true with the video module.

There are other modules shown which are Fairy Society Artists Community modules. They include: Art News, their network badge, recent video's added by members, Fairy Society Banners, Fairy Society "Getting Started" information, and their mission statement.

Plus, you can sell up to 5 of your products at a time The Fairy Society Networking SHOPS for FREE. I haven't checked that aspect out yet, but will.

There are a lot of very talented artists and crafters who are members of this fast growing community. A lot are artists who create "fairy" art whether it's paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital art, fairy dolls, etc, but there are also a lot of other artists and crafters who are joining as well. That was one of the main reasons that I joined. There are so many talented artists and crafters from all different mediums.

I haven't had a chance to find out all that this community has to offer, but know from what I have seen that it looks like a wonderful community to belong to.

I'm also working my way through all the member's pages and their websites. There are just so many and there are only so many hours in the day.
Plus, I have other work I really need to do. I have to stop for now. I don't really want to. I'm having way tooooooo much fun.

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