Friday, February 08, 2008

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail With BIG Dolls and Woodcrafts

You've seen most of my favorite BIG dolls and wood crafts that I use to decorate my home all year except for the Spring season. Well, for Spring we have 3 BIG bunnies. One is a self-sitter and the other two are tall bunny wood crafts - one for Easter and one for the Spring season. The two tall bunnies were made to sell, but I loved them so much I decided they should stay with me and decorate my house.

The shelf-sitter bunny is named "Bunny Blue" and she is a 33" self-sitting bunny that sits on a pedestal in the corner of my kitchen all Spring.

She just loves it there as she gets to see all the happenings and gets to help make the chocolate Easter candy. Not that she wants to eat any, of course.

"Bunny Blue" was made from a Pretty Primitives design and was made using 3/4 pine wood. Her outfit was painted blue and multi colors of paint were drop on for a polka dot effect.

Her legs, paws, and ears were "sponge" lined all around the edges. She has two wire ribbon bows and is holding a basket of Spring flowers in her lap.

All and all she is a very content bunny.

My next favorite BIG wood craft for Spring is a very BIG and heavy bunny. Her whole wood craft is 24" wide by 34" high. I named her "Honey and Baby Bunny" and she was made based upon a Patch Work Pattern design.

She is shown in her picture outside in the Fall. She and the BIG wood craft bunny below insisted that they have their pictures taken outside.

Since I didn't take pictures of them in the Spring, which they feel I should have, then the least I could do is take them outside in the Fall in what could be considered somewhat of their natural setting. So bossy these dolls! No wonder I'm so grumpy!

"Honey and Baby Bunny" was made from 3/4" pine mostly painted white. Honey's face and body was "sponge" lined all around the outside edge with pinkish paint colors. The inner parts of her ears was also "sponged" on.

She is wearing her favorite bright Spring dress which has a lace collar and bib. She has matching bows in her ears.

Baby Bunny was painted brown and was "sponge" lined all along the outside edge of her body and face with pinkish colors. She is wearing a matching colored dress to her Mother Honey and it has a matching colored bow to her Mother's bib.

"Honey and Baby Bunny" are standing outside their white picket fence near the 3 bird houses and in back of their silk floral garden. They are very content to be out amongst nature and are hoping maybe some real "bunnies" might just hop by. There's plenty of them in our back yard so they may very well be lucky in that regard.

The last favorite BIGbunny for Spring is an Easter bunny is a 18" wide by 31" high wooden bunny wood craft that I called "Fran." She was made based upon a Keep Memories Close To You design.

Fran also insisted that her picture be taken outside. She was fed up with being inside all year and could hardly wait to get out there. Just the smell of fresh air was enough to make her happy.

Fran was made from 3/4" pine wood. Her face and body was painted white and edged with a black stitch all along the sides. Her dress was painted blue and her wood apron was "sponge" painted blue and white colors. Her apron also has a yellow tulip painted on it.

A huge bow is tied around the base of her ears and she is carrying a basket of Easter eggs. Fran also has crackled plastic Easter eggs surrounding her base along with some painted wood flowers and silk greenery. Her favorite watering can resides at her feet.

When she's outside watering her flowers she couldn't be any happier.

I hope you like my favorite BIG spring bunnies and woodcrafts.


  1. Love your bunnies there all very cute!!!

  2. Hi, Rosalie:

    I'm so glad you liked them. I find that bunnies are just so cheery. Don't you think?

    I see that you've been very busy lately. Lots of dolls.

    Have a great weekend.