Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Why A "Gray Is Beautiful" Blog?

You might be wondering why I need yet another blog and why "Gray Is Beautiful?"

The answer to the first question is easy. For "The Blogging Queen" - WHY NOT!

The second question can be explained first by explaining why I created a "Gray Is Beautiful" series of dolls and doll patterns. In responding to a post in one of my favorite forums regarding hair I got to thinking about hair and aging.

Why is our society so focused on youth and being thin as a rail?

Why is aging so terrifying to everyone?

I don't know. We all age.

When I was young (and that was a long time ago - hey, be nice now) I was thin as a rail. In fact, I was so thin one of my friends used to tell me that if I turned sideways you wouldn't be able to see me or I'd blow over.

My mother was always fretting over how thin I was. I don't know why. She was as thin as a rail when she was younger (and that WAS a long, long time ago.)

However, she used to love to tell me that "Don't worry darling, it will catch up with you." I'd reply " No way!" She'd just laugh. I'm sure she was thinking (okay miss know-it-all).

Well, that was then, and now is now. Unfortunately, my mother was right. Boy do I hate admitting that!

So, the sad reality is that as you age Mother Nature has her own private way of saying "I gotcha!" Is it any surprise that she is named "MOTHER" nature?

In any event, here I am aging and gray. Anyways, I got to thinking, shouldn't we honor those of us from the baby boom generation (of which I am a member) who are aging so beautifully. After all, we have our own magazine "More" (which I love). Why shouldn't the dolls we grown-up girls still love look like us?

We should be PROUD of our age, PROUD of the way we look, PROUD to be GRAY. Shouldn't we?

Yes , we should.

So, I decided that I should design a new series of dolls called my "Gray is Beautiful Series" to honor all of us beautiful women. For all of us old, graying, baby boomer generation women I say "Gray is beautiful, too! Isn't it?"

Be careful now, everyone gets older. If you're not nice there will be a stampede of aging, graying, not rail thin, seniors on your doorstep tomorrow. The GRAYS are here to stay and we all are all DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

You're probably saying, "Okay, we can understand the doll series, but why a blog?" Well, the "GRAYS" deserve their own platform and, better yet, demanded it. There is no way I'm going to say no to my "GRAYS!" If I tried they'd knock my head off and that would not be a pretty scene.

So, all you graying, baby boomer, senior out there get ready for the "Gray Is Beautiful" blog created by, written by, and directed by my "GRAYS!"

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