Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Many Thanks To Trina Clark

We've got great news! Tina Clark is featuring the "dollies " and I in a post on her "Trina Clark" website this month. Isn't that wonderful!

I think so and I'd like to thank Trina Clark for featuring the "dollies" and I on her "Trina Clark" blog this month. That was so nice of her to do. Of course, the "dollies" think it's marvelous and are just strutting around congratulating themselves. Talk about big "ego's!"

If you 'd like to read the article just go to http://trinaclark.com/ and scroll down until you see us or click on "Successful Women" in the sidebar and then click on our title to read the whole article.

Trina Clark is a graphic artist and owner of Digi Scrap Kits, Trina Clark Designs, and The Rusted Bucket. She also sells on eBay when time permits.

Her websites offer graphic collection downloads and CDs, printables, art prints, patterns, digital scrapbook kits & elements, web graphics, and more.

Thanks, again, Trina for featuring the "dollies" and I. They are so happy they are just strutting like peacocks. Their heads just keep swelling and swelling and swelling. How am I going to live with them and their enormous ego's? LOL LOL LOL

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