Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some Of My Favorite BIG Scarecrows To Decorate My Fall House

I just love the Fall season and especially love BIG dolls and woodcraft's.

I have made quite a few BIG dolls and woodcraft's specifically to decorate my house and thought you might like to see some of my Fall decorations.

I'll start with one of my favorites that I named "Wally and His Pumpkins."

He was made by "hubby" and I based upon a Heidi Markish Design and stands 38" tall. For most of the Fall season he resides in my sun room.

He's a 38" painted wood scarecrow with a huge scarecrow face, 2 pumpkins, raffia decorations, hay, and gourd decorations.

He's just a jolly "Wally" and stands in the sun room observing all the goings on during the Fall season. I just find him so cheery and love to look at his face.

My second favorite BIG scarecrow is a self-sitting scarecrow that sits on a pedestal in the corner of my kitchen.

He decided that he loved the smell of my Fall potpourri bowls and candles that I have in the kitchen and wanted to reside there. He does very well in his corner. Just sits and watches. Occasionally he'll join in on the conversation, but not too often.

He's a 30" wood scarecrow made based upon on Pretty Primitives design and I named him "Harvest Me Up!"

He's a 30" painted wood scarecrow painted that sits on his own. He has a painted wood pumpkin on his hat, a star decoration, raffia and straw accents, and is holding a basket of fall colored silk floral leaves.

He's just as happy as can be in his corner.

The third BIG scarecrow that is around our house in the Fall is a scarecrow that really should be hanging outside.

But, he really wanted to be inside so my husband made a wood stand for him. You see, he is a "hanging" scarecrow and needs to be hung. So, he's a hanging on his stand in the dining room fireplace area.

I named him "Hang Me Around Larry" and he was made based upon a Time Worn Treasures design. He stands 33" tall with stand and is a cloth bodied scarecrow.

He has a drawn face and raffia for hair. His legs are made of raffia and he has decorative pumpkins hanging from his BIG glove hands. His gloves were made from some old curtains that I had.

His shirt was made from some old tablecloth material I had and his pantaloons were made from some old material my sister gave me and embroidered with decorative pumpkins.

No one ever throws any sewing supplies, craft supplies, or old material away in my family. Everything comes to me including old flannel shirts, socks, lace tablecloths, etc. Everything.

In fact, even friends of my sister, friends of my sisters-in-law, friends of my mother, and friends of my brothers send me stuff. One friend of my sisters sent me her old wedding gown. She was getting a divorce and couldn't stand the sight of it so my sister suggested she give it to me for a Victorian doll. And, now I have it.

I end up with all the old baby clothes, baby shoes (which I love to get), tablecloths (they make great doll slips), etc. You never know what I might do with something. Suffice to say my house is quite cluttered with craft supplies and material. That's another story.

I thought you might like to see a few of the scarecrows that decorate my house during the Fall. I hope you enjoyed them. I know they loved being showcased.

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