Friday, March 02, 2007

That Picture Of The Colonial Women and Their Children!

Everyone who knows me knows or reads my Linda's Blog knows that I just love history, historical traditions, and stories. I especially love finding out the stories behind things like customs and traditions or even just pictures. I've even written a series of "The Stories Behind My Dolls" for my DOLLS Blog as most of the dolls I've created have a story to tell.

Several months ago I reviewed Renae's "Colonial Primitive Peddlers" blog and "Colonial Primitive Peddlers" website on my "I Love Crafts and Craft Blogs" blog.

If you recall I just loved the picture of the two women that she has on her Colonial Primitive Peddlers website and her Colonial Primitive Peddlers blog and which is shown below. I wanted to know the story behind the picture and while Renae didn't know who the two women were or what the story was she did offer the following:

Here is the story of the two women in the picture. Though I'm not sure who they are (I'm still trying to find that out), the pic was given to me by my very dear friend Amy. She searched relentlessly for this picture. When I first opened Colonial Primitive Peddlers, Amy was one of my biggest fans and gave me the courage to do so. She wanted to help by finding me just the
right picture and as you can see, she did!! They say a picture says a thousands words and I believe this particular one says even more! It tells me of a woman's strength, pride, love for her children, her friendships, and for what she values. It has become my inspiration and that is why I've decided it needs to be the picture for not only my Colonial Primitive Peddlers website but one that I have on my desk to remind me that "I Can Do IT" too...

I just love to hear stories of inspiration, especially things that inspire crafters and allow them to create. I'm so glad that Renae got her inspiration from the picture. And, I would have to agree that her picture does show a women's strength, pride, love for her children, her friendships, and for what she values.

Every time I look at it I wonder what was going on in the minds of those two women when the picture was taken? What were their lives like? Who took the picture and why was it taken?

I'm not sure we'll ever find out the answers to these questions or who these two women were and what they were thinking. And, I'm sure they'll never know that they provided inspiration to Renae. Alas, we'll just have to look at the picture and love it for what it is. We know it inspired Renae. Maybe it will inspire other crafters. I hope it does. But, wouldn't you like to know what they were thinking?????

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