Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Changes Series - Linda's Blogs Page

I don't suppose I would surprise any of you if I were to tell you that I'm thinking about starting another blog. I won't give it away, but I think you're all going to like it.

In thinking about that I decided that I didn't want to keep adding to the navigation sidebar and bottom navigation bar on my Linda Walsh Originals website. Also, I wanted a way within the website to direct you towards some posts that I think you might find interesting, such as: Victorian Traditions, etc.

So, I decided to add a "LINDA'S BLOGS" page to my Linda Walsh Originals website that would be a summary and link to my various blogs, as well as providing me with an area that I could link certain articles to.

The picture on the left gives you a little indication as to what the page looks like.

So far, I have a section for my "Linda's Blog", my "DOLLS Blog by Linda Walsh Originals", my "Twelve Months of Sewing Club" blog, and my "I Love Crafts and Crafts Blogs" blog. Each section contains several links to that particular blog as well as a listing of some of the articles posted on that blog that I think you might find of interest.

For example, I currently have the following posts from my main Linda's Blog listed that I think you might enjoy reading::

Victorian Traditions

We've Come A Long Way Baby & Still Have a Long Way To Go! - 10/2/2005
How Can I Be A Feminist Victorian? - 10/8/2005
You've Got To Be Kidding! - 10/9/2005
We Could Use Some Etiquette Today! - 10/24/2005
I Am All That and More! - 11/13/2005
Will You Come To My Tea Party? - 11/14/2005

Family Stories

Nana Will You Make Me A Shirt! 2/12/2006
We've Got Sewing In Our Bones! - 5/15/2006

Stories behind some of the dolls that I have designed and posted from DOLLS Blog that you might enjoy reading are summarized below and in the DOLLS Blog section of my new "LINDA'S BLOGS" page:

The Story Behind Elmer's Little Boy - 8/11/2005
Celia's Doll - 8/24/2005
My First Doll Pattern Was Named Linda! How Appropriate! - 1/3/2006
The Story Behind "Nellie" - My Victorian Snow-lady Doll Pattern - 1/10/2006
The Story Behind My "Brian Snow Buddy" Doll Pattern - 1/24/2006
The Story Behind My "Baby Nicky" Doll Pattern - 2/14/2006
The Story Behind my "James" and "Anna" Graduation Doll Patterns - 3/15/2006
The Story Behind My "Celia's Wedding Dress" Doll - 5/18/2006

I think that having this additional page on my website will be beneficial as I'll be able to quickly direct you to items of interest on my various blogs. I hope you like the new "Linda's Blogs" page and find it useful.

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